Project Planning: The best way to get your business up and running

Businesses that are project-intensive have to perfect their project planning skills in order to ensure maximum utilization of business resources. The objective is very clear – maximum profitability with minimum cost involved. Lack of proper planning and management could easily mean losses for small businesses and big enterprises, alike.

Any project calls for deft planning of resources since they are used to achieve the project objectives and goals. Each project and project activity requires specific set of assets at specific times so that the project can be completed as scheduled. These in these cases can be both human and non-human. While it is evident that human resource is the most important when it comes to project implementation, non-human assets such as office space, technology and machinery are indispensable too.

Getting all the resources required in a project at the most appropriate time is a challenge that project managers need to overcome quite often. If this is not properly tackled, resources more often than not tend to be over-utilized or under-utilized, hence reducing a project’s productivity in both cases. Some project managers have a tendency of confusing under-utilization of resources with their unavailability and this has led to companies incurring additional costs in hiring new staff. Adequate planning and scheduling of employees would ensure that they are optimally utilized and no additional costs are incurred in achieving specific project objectives.

Proper Resource Planning involves four major steps:-

Resource Definition: This involves an analysis of the project and project activities to identify the critical resources required, for the project to be completed on time.

Resource Allocation: Since resources are finite by nature, it is important that their allocation is done with precision to ensure that all of them are adequately utilized.

Resource Aggregation: This step goes hand in hand with resource allocation. This is required for each project activity, period by period. This will ensure that there is a perfect combination of resources for each activity until the entire project is completed .

Resource Levelling: This step attempts to tackle the problem or resource constraint by ensuring that the project’s requirement does not exceed availability.

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